A TV hearing aid can save your sanity and your marriage according to some users.

You can hear clearly and your TV companion can listen and not be blasted out by a loud TV.  Domestic bliss can be achieved and everyone is happy!

If you have to turn the TV up so loud that you send the pets scurrying and give the wife a headache, you have to do something.  Worse, if the neighbors complain the TV is too loud, you have to do something.

A TV hearing aid is the perfect setup.  The sound is transmitted via infrared along a direct line of sight path.  Sort of like a remote control for the TV.  It has to be line of sight. Some models use FM frequencies also, like a radio transmitter.  Which alleviates the direct line issue. 

This simplicity of use is amplified in many ways.  Because it is so simple, there is not much to go wrong.  There is a microphone to put in front of the TVs' speaker and a separate halo that loops from the wearer's chest to the ears.  The headset is a lot simpler arrangement than it may sound.

There are usually rechargeable batteries that will last several hours.  An overnight recharge is all that is needed to bring the headset back to full power, like new.

Because the microphone models are so simple to set up and use, they can easily be moved from room to room or from house to motel.  Yes, they travel very easily.  The set up that is needed is placing the base unit in front of the TV speaker.  Set up is that simple.

With the ability of most units to adjust the bass down, speech can be heard more clearly.  This clarity adjustment is courtesy of simple bass and treble controls.  Most speech is easier to understand if the bass is reduced.

Try it in your car, preferably not while driving.  Do this, turn the bass down and tune to a talk show (news?).  Chances are very good that you will be able to distinguish what is said more easily.

Some TV hearing aids can be used in public theaters.  The hearing units in theaters for the hard of hearing are really lousy devices.  What a joy it would be to enjoy the film.

A TV hearing aid can be a really good deal, too.  If you pay for cable TV every month (probably a lot), getting the most out of your expensive service is very important.  A TV hearing aid can allow that to happen.  Anything that can enhance the TV watching experience seems like a very good deal.

For people with medical hearing loss, using a TV hearing aid is usually doctor recommended.

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This video has good pointers on choosing a TV hearing device.

The headset is very flexible and if you can see the TV, you are probably close enough for the headset to work properly.  The useful area is usually about 900 square feet.

A TV hearing aid is certainly a lot cheaper than professional hearing aids.

These do not take the place of a real hearing aid.  TV hearing aids fall into the category of 'Assistive Listening Devices'.  These are intended to help someone who is perhaps a little hard of hearing but does not have a major medical hearing problem.  For a major problem, one really should consult a doctor.

If the unit you select has a rechargeable battery, you can also be assured of not needing battery replacement from the drugstore.  A new lease on life is as close as the recharger.


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